[How to steam rice is the best]_How to steam_How to steam

[How to steam rice is the best]_How to steam_How to steam

Rice is a staple food in the south, and for many people, it is not easy to steam it.

However, if you eat rice often, you can feel the taste of the steamed rice.

There are many techniques for steaming rice. Some special methods of steaming rice have better flavor and aroma, and the method is actually very simple.

So, how is the best steamed rice?

Let’s take a look at the specific method.

First: hot water.

Usually, when you steam rice, you mostly use cold water to directly steam it, but if you steam the rice with hot water, you will know that the steamed rice tastes softer and delicious, and the time for steaming the rice with hot water will be reduced.It ‘s richer than cold water.

Second: vinegar.

Vinegar is a substance that will volatilize when heated. When the vinegar volatilizes, it will also accelerate the decomposition of starch in rice, so the steamed rice is soft and delicious and not easy to spoil.

It is especially suitable in summer.

When steaming rice with vinegar, you must pay attention to a good ratio. About 1 kg of rice is added with 1 ml of vinegar. This ratio of vinegar does not have a sour taste and can make the rice soft and delicious.

It is not easy to stick to the pan when steaming rice.

Third: oil.

You can achieve this by adding a spoonful of lard or cooking oil when steaming rice. The cooked rice is fragrant and soft. It tastes much better than nothing, and the rice grains are clear and not easy to paste.
The effect is similar to vinegar.

Friends who do not like to eat oil need not worry, because the steamed rice will not be very greasy and even more delicious.

Fourth: Steam overnight rice.

Many people like to steam more rice at a time, but after the rice is left overnight, they will find a strange smell. At this time, adding a small amount of salt water can solve it.

The method is to pour a small amount of salt water into the rice and steam it together. After the rice is steamed, it is as delicious as the newly steamed rice.

After reading these few tips, do you think it has benefited a lot, although it is just a little common seasoning in the home, but the steamed rice can be very different in taste and nutrition from the steamed rice before, the tasteWill also rise without knowing how many steps.

Of course, it ‘s not enough to have steamed rice. Everyone wants to eat more delicious and more nutritious rice. You need to work harder on the selection of rice. In addition to the origin of the rice, it will directly affect the taste, taste and nutrition.It is also very important to choose fresh rice with full grains and scent. It is also very important to gently rub the fresh rice with a small amount of bran powder. If you can, put a grain of rice in your mouth and chew it. The fresh rice has a little sweetness.Rice and bleak rice are not needed.